Service Policy

1. RESERVATIONS: To make a reservation, the payment of the service charge of 20% of the requested service value is requested (it is not returned under any circumstances). All reservations will be pre-confirmed for 48 hours. after it has been made, a deposit must be received, the amount or percentage of the value of the program per person at the time of confirming the trip. If not paid, the spaces will be lost and a new reservation will have to be generated. The travel documents, tickets, vouchers will be sent before the trip. once it is canceled in its entirety. The delivery of voucher or reserved tour tickets.

2. CANCELLATIONS AND FINES: Will be subject to the following cost penalty per terrestrial tour, except for other terms and amounts in the confirmation and / or specific conditions of each program:

- From 30 to 6 days, 20% of the cost of the canceled program or tour.

- Between 5 days and the date of departure, 100% fine of the value of the terrestrial tour.

Due to political, climatic or catastrophic conditions of nature at destination or serious passenger illness, the facilities of changing dates can be given by paying the respective variations if they exist. To change the date, you must cancel the reservation with your respective fines to the tour operator and take a new reservation.

3. ASSIGNMENT OF SEATS: Any special request (wheelchair, special food, etc.) must be sent by email to Desert Adventure Iquique by the passenger.

4. TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: It is the duty of the passenger to carry their necessary and valid documents to travel (passports, visas, identity card); It is the duty of the passenger to learn about documentation and duties when traveling with minors.

5. TRAVEL INSURANCE: At Desierto Aventura Iquique we offer and recommend a travel insurance that covers expenses that may arise due to accidents and illnesses at the destination. In addition to fines for travel cancellation. In case of rejection, the passenger signs a standard document that says it.

6. RATES: The rates included in each program belong to the lowest fare class in each route, so the current rate of the chosen program must be confirmed when requesting a reservation. Any variation or difference of the reported reference price will be determined and definitively settled at the time of payment.

7. PRIVACY POLICY: For Iquique Desert Adventure it is very important to protect the privacy of its clients. We make every effort to keep your personal information in the strictest confidence.

8. HUMAN EXPLOITATION POLICY: Through this document, Travel Agency and Tour Operator Desierto Aventura Iquique announces that it is committed to and committed to the Exploitation of human beings in all its forms, especially in the sexual one, and in particularly when it affects minors. Being established in a document called Policies for the Prevention and Exploitation of Humans, detailed on our website and in our commercial offices.

DESERT ADVENTURE IQUIQUE is not responsible for the information, photos and others that hotels publish on their web pages. In our programs they appear only as a general reference.